Featured Artist – Yuko Fujita

Yuko Fujita is a Japanese born Melbourne Jeweller. She studied gold and silversmithing at RMIT University in Melbourne and has been presenting her works at various selected exhibitions by invitation both nationally and internationally. The work shown in NZ is one of the pieces from her first solo show “Kodama-Return to me” (July,2010, e.g etal , Melbourne ).

Yuko Fujita


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Featured Artist – Vernon Bowden

The long history of body adornment and metal-smithing gives me a wealth of tradition to mine. This historical framework provides, and the associated “rules” mean, there is always something to rub up against or kick over. The perceived functionality and role of jewellery allows me to dispense with a lot of design considerations (it is what it is) and concentrate on the conceptual aspects of the work.

The value of the objects I use is their “meta-ness” not their materialistic nature (a useful juxta in the world of jewellery). This allows me to ignore, or at least subvert, traditional applied art and the facsimile nature of my casting practice further subverts the more formalist elements of jewellery design. There are themes I want to explore in my work and (hopefully) an initial response I would like to invoke. When I decide on an object; prejudices, preconceptions and misconceptions that make up cultural myth are just as valid as historical “fact”. Strong links to time and place as well as a connection to a person (real or imaginary) is important, as are objects that invoke some sort of emotional response.

Vernon Bowden, Pig


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Featured Artist – Anna Davern

Born: Melbourne, 1967.

In 1993 Anna Davern completed her undergraduate degree in Jewellery and Object Design at Sydney College of the arts under the tutelage of Margaret West. Her post graduate studies and subsequent Masters degree (2003) were completed in Gold and Silversmithing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) where she was mentored by Carlier Makigawa, Robert Baines and Louise Weaver.

Davern works from her studio in Flinders Lane Melbourne. She exhibits regularly at e.g.etal in Melbourne and has held 2 major solo exhibitions at Craft Victoria. She has been represented in numerous Australian and international group exhibitions including:

Treasure Room, Galerie Handwerk, Munich 2010

Sieraad, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Represented by Otro Diseño 2006

New Australian Jewellery, Gallery Deux Poissons, Tokyo 2006

Unstrung: The Bead in Contemporary Art La Trobe Regional Gallery, Morwell VIC 2005

Hermann Art Award, Span Galleries, Melbourne.1999

New Jewellery from Australia, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1998

SOFA, Chicago, USA, represented by Jewelers Werk Galerie, Washington, DC, USA 1998

In 2004 she co-curated (with jeweller Vicki Mason) Cross Pollination, an exhibition of contemporary Australian and New Zealand jewellery at Craft Victoria, Melbourne, to coincide with the South Project a 3 year project initiated by Craft Victoria consisting of conferences, lectures, exhibitions and artists exchanges between countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards and has participated in residencies in Sydney and Tallinn, Estonia.

She has written reviews for the Australian publications; Object Magazine, Artlink and Craft.

Davern teaches at the Box Hill Institute of Technical and Further Education (NMIT) and has taught at the Estonian Academy of Art.

More information can be found at www.annadavern.com.au and she has maintained a jewellery blog at www.davernator.blogspot.com since October 2006.

Anna Davern



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Featured Artist – Jasmine Matus

I am a Sydney-based contemporary jewellery and object designer and maker.

I believe that contemporary jewellery transforms the body into a walking gallery for the public display of wearable art.

Jewellery is intended for wear and display on the body, it is its natural habitat; where it comes alive. Worn on the body, a piece adapts to and reflects the wearer. When viewed in a gallery it can adopt another personality altogether. Jewellery can play the roles of interactive art and art behind glass equally well – and both are equally as interesting. I keep this in mind when designing and making.

I admire jewellery that causes a reaction. Not only with the work that I create but also with the jewellery that I wear, view and collect. As a result, my work is experimental in terms of the materials and techniques used, scale and concepts applied. It is this constant experimentation that opens up new doors for infinite creative possibilities.!

Pairing materials such as plastics, paint, wood, found objects and felt with precious metals and applied traditional techniques creates an interesting juxtaposition within the work I create. I enjoy the public reaction to these non- traditional materials in contemporary jewellery.

2011 sees me embarking on a jewellery adventure of a lifetime around Australia in a modified mobile jewellery studio so that all my energies can be focused into my jewellery practice.

Jasmine Matus


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Featured Artist – Mel Young

Fascinated by the potential for unexpected narrative, Melinda Young’s exhibition work has a carefully considered use of colour and often a sly, subversive sense of humour. Inspired by the landscape, the social condition of the body and her everyday surroundings, which also frequently provide materials for her work – a favorite material is sewing thread. Young generally works to self-set projects, which may provide a particular thematic or even impose rules or constraints on the approach to making, as with her ongoing project titled Take a ball of thread… and current collaborative project with Lauren Simeoni – unnatural, Naturally.

Young’s particular interest lies with re-presenting the natural state of the body and many of her works have an unsettling plasticity or tactility. She uses the written and visual language of the abject and the body, frequently exploring vernacular for the titles of her work, which operate alongside colour and material to re-create the interior and exterior landscapes of the body in her jewellery. Her neckpieces made from sewing thread, handspun into ropes and stitched into complex textural arrangements, draw on the aesthetics of flowers to make reference to the fragility of the body’s glistening, intricate interior spaces.

Mel Young, Sydney

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Going in for extra time

When Touch, Pause, Engage went to Sydney in October 2010 we were looking for the same sense of community and collegial spirit that gives the New Zealand contemporary jewellery scene its energy and identity.

We found it and now, thanks to the support of Programme Director Matt Blomeley, in February there will be a re-match on home ground when the NZ fifteen together with fifteen Australian jewellers show in the Window at Objectspace.

Who knows what will come of it…

Katherine Wheeler (Aust) Existence Ring

Touch, Pause, Engage 2011 opens on February 4th alongside Best in Show 2011

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Featured Artist – Kristin D’Agostino

Kristin D’Agostino is an Auckland based jeweller interested in the social role that jewellery plays in every day interactions.  She is interested in developing work and a place for it to live, usually in the form of projects in the community: book clubs, pen pals, auctions and thank you notes.   Intrigue and obscured structures are devices she often employs to engage the viewer and invite them into the realm of personal, social theatre.  Projects with collaborative, conceptual and interactive aspects have a special place in her heart.  She is a founder of Broach of the Month Club and a member of the Auckland Subliminal Infiltration Guild.

Kristin D’Agostino


2010  Bachelors of Design with Honours, Jewellery Unitec, Auckland, NZ

2002-2003  Parsons The New School for Design NY, NY, US, Certification in Fine Art (incomplete)

1997    Syracuse University in London, UK “Study Abroad” program

1995 – 1998 BBA, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana  US, Management Information Systems


2010  Broach of the Month Club II in association with Masterworks, Gallery, Auckland,                 NZ

2010  Magpie jewellery workshop, Taupo Museum as part of the erupt festival, Taupo,                  NZ

2009  Jewellery on the Brink of a Relationship

2009  Broach of the Month Club Closing Event, Unitec, Auckland, NZ.

2009  Rare Fungal Behaviour: Northern Hemisphere, Exhibition at Yardmeter Collective,             Brooklyn, New York, USA

2009  Rare Fungal Behaviour: Southern Hemisphere, Exhibition and live auction as                       performance art, The Lab, Unitec, Auckland, NZ

2008 Broach of the Month Club Opening Evening, The Gyspy Tea Room, Auckland, NZ.


2010  Honourable Mention NZ Jewellery Show: Regal Casting Awards.


2010  The Box Project, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, Australia, pending

2010  Labour of Love: A Private Collection, L’affaire au chocolat, Wellington, NZ

2010  First Editions, The National, Christchurch, NZ

2010  NZ Jewellery Show: Regal Casting Awards Show, Sky City, Auckland, NZ

2010  Best in Show, Objectspace, Auckland, NZ

2010  Broach of the Month Club – Retrospective and Kick off the new Masterworks                      club, Masterworks, Auckland, NZ

2009  Perishable Shop, Rm, Auckland, NZ

2009  Feast, Depot via 20/17, Sydney, Australia

2009  Labyrinth, Graduate Show, Unitec, Auckland, NZ

2009  Woman vs. Moustache, Cross Street Studios, Auckland, NZ

2009  NZ Jewellery Show: Regal Casting Awards Show, Sky City, Auckland, NZ

2008  TEN: works by Third Year Jewellery and Object Students,Pitch Black, Unitec,                       Auckland NZ

2008  Fabricate: works by Third Year Jewellery Students, Pitch Black Unitec, Auckland                NZ

2007  PLUS ONE SHOW, Brooklyn Artists Gym Brooklyn, NY USA

2007  Containing Dreams: Second Year Jewellery and Object Students, Pitch Black                      Unitec, Auckland NZ

2007  Colours: works by Second Year Jewellery Students, Unitec, Auckland NZ

2007  Strange Bodies: works by Second Year Jewellery and Object Students, Unitec,                      Auckland NZ

2007  Self Portraits: works by Second Year Jewellery Students, Unitec, Auckland, NZ

2006  Pick Me Up and Hold Me, Art Station Auckland, NZ


Exhibition Space, Threaded Magazine, December 2009

[Cat.Exhib.] “3D Tales”. Unitec, Auckland, NZ December 2009


2009  Paperwasp rings

2009  The Clutterists Collaborative

2002  Paper Wasp Press, “The Furniture Movers” Michigan/NY, USA


2009 Workshop 6, Auckland, NZ

2002  Location One Gallery NY, NY USA

2000 -2002  NYC Fringe Festival NY, USA


2006 Workshop 6, Auckland, NZ Brooches and Rings x2 , Pendants and Rings

2005 Whitcliffe College, Auckland, NZ Drawing

2004-2006 Art Station, Auckland NZ Cast glass, Painting


Apr 2008 – present    –  University of Auckland Payroll Rules Analyst

Jun 2007 – Apr 2008  – Sole Trader, Air New Zealand

Apr 2003 – Jan 2007  – Business Analyst – Air New Zealand

Jul 1999 – Sep 2002  – PeopleSoft, USA

Jan – May 1999 – Teaching Assistant – University of Notre Dame, IN USA

Jan – May 1999 – Anthropology Department Field Research Assistant – University of Notre Dame, IN USA




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