Featured Artist – Natalia Milosz-Piekarska

Natalia’s primary focus lays in realm of amuletic and talismanic adornment. With much of her research delving into various aspects of superstition, folklore and ritual, her work explores our human inclination towards charmed objects and the power of belief.

Stemming from the Shinto notion that all objects have the potential to house spirits, Natalia aims to create works that emanate a sense of character and potency, while exploring the latent power hidden within.

It is not Natalia’s intention to recreate or imbue established beliefs into her pieces, rather, she hopes her pieces house the potential to strike an intrinsic chord within a person and become a receptacle for their biddings.

Natalia has an intuitive and playful approach to her materials and practice. Employing a myriad of traditional and unorthodox elements in order to create pieces that emanate a sense of character and spirit, Natalia flirts with the notion of magical potency, and the power of belief while transporting her cross cultural and historical research into a contemporary and abstracted context.

photograph by Kim Brockett

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