Featured Artist – Melissa Cameron

The work for this exhibition is from Cameron’s recycled object series. In these works she uses old and antique objects, with their own patterns either in their painted surface or embossed or engraved into the metal. The cases and tins used are often times sandblasted clean, so that the evidence of previous wear does not counter the pattern in its surface, through which a second pattern is then sawn. In these pieces the object is used to make two works; the one sawn from the object and one formed from the void. The absence of material is planned, and forms a second motif; the basis for this second work.

In the primary work, the pieces of the cut out pattern are strung on slim threads of stainless steel cable or silk. They depend on the tension of the thread against the weight of the strung elements to create the final structure. This is a seemingly fragile link, making it reminiscent of organic structures and networks like ecosystems, whose delicate balance is the result of an inextricable interdependence between the elements of the whole. Similarly these works are of a single structure, one that has been divided into parts, and re-linked into a spatially complex whole. These mutually supporting patterns, like any other system, are always under tension. As such it can flex and move, allowing the static parts to come to life.

Melissa Cameron

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