Featured Artist – Katherine Wheeler

Katherine Wheeler is a Melbourne based artist, who completed a bachelor of Fine arts, Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT in 2007, and a Diploma of fine arts at RMIT in 2003.

She has participated in a range of group exhibitions since graduating in 2007, including Melbourne Hollow Ware, at Gallerie Marzee in the Netherlands, Precious Pendants at Object gallery in Sydney, and Figment at E.g.etal in Melbourne.

In 2010 Katherine was awarded an artstart grant to further her practice, and held a collaborative exhibition with printmaker Abby Seymour, titled Hidden Facets, which was shown in Hand Held gallery in Melbourne, and at Gaffa Gallery in Sydney. This year she will be participating in the Powerhouse Museum Sydney’s International Lace Award.

Katherine enjoys the process of making, and pushing the materials she uses to produce unexpected results. Often in her work various materials are combined seamlessly, then blanked out with white paint, giving the work surface a ‘skin’ or materiality of its own.

Through her work the repetitions and anomalies of nature are interpreted and referenced.  The decomposition and regrowth of life structures observed through time spent in particular rural childhood habitats is embedded in her memory, and recurs as themes in her work.

She is inspired by the correlation between object and memory, the growth and formations of sea life, the writing of Gaston Bachelard, (Poetics of Space), and by the interiors and exteriors of objects and homes.


Katherine Wheeler

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